We focus on building. We’ve brought over 200 companies to market. We bet you’ve heard of some.


Marketing Machine plays a pivotal role in helping companies drive innovation forward,faster.

What DoesMarketing Machine Do?

Over the past 30 years Marketing Machine has helped hundreds of organizations scale to enterprise markets. Marketing Machine incubates and partners with internet, technology, and media companies globally. We help teams build market-leading companies.

  • We develop groundbreaking technology

    Our team of technologists, architects, product owners, and software engineers apply a multi-disciplinary approach, developing products from scratch or growing an existing technology. Our breadth of experience spans from simple application, API, and platform development across to AI/ML, blockchain, AR/VR, and metaverse technologies. Our teams ensure your company remains competitive in the global arena.

  • We strategize and execute on marketing

    Our team focuses on insights carefully harvested from a data-driven marketing approach. Awareness and conversion are key when executing a successful marketing campaign and creating a self-actuating funnel strategy. Driven by Key Performance Indicators like acquisition cost, audience engagement, brand lift, and research ability quotients, Marketing Machine applies deep understanding to industry leading marketing practices.

  • We support with advising and consulting

    Our operational consulting and advising are built from a deep understanding of the challenges that face today’s technology, marketing, and operational leadership. Marketing Machine takes a prescriptive approach to help you launch the right product, to the right audience, at the right time. Our team works as an extension of your executive management team to help each department accomplish deliverables and meet their full potential.

How WeWork Together

We take deliverables seriously. So we built the Marketing Machine Partner Portal.

  • 1

    Invitation and Project Setup

    We start every relationship with immediate visibility and full insight into our process. Marketing Machine sets up and invites your organization’s managers and stakeholders to the project.

  • 2

    Business and Goal Alignment

    We align and layout the roadmap strategy, backlog, timelines, business critical deadlines, and detailed deliverables up front so there are no surprises. We work as a team to grow your organization.

  • 3

    Consistent Progress Reports

    We breakdown every deliverable into the granular components which make the big picture come together. Every single step is tracked, stored, and analyzed to ensure business commitments are met by our team.


We MakeMarket Leaders

Marketing Machine has a proud and storied track record of serving as advisor and operational arm to some of the greatest organizations of the past three decades. We have worked with small, medium, and large enterprises. We have often been blazing the trail as our clients transitioned at each stage of their journey. Now it is your turn.

“Marketing Machine has become a leading innovation and incubation company, creating ground breaking technologies and innovation.”

Robert Shapiro – Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, WhiteHouse(Clinton)

“Consistently solve any problem you can throw at them”

Chris Moss – Creator of Orange

“Intuitive and smart, the combination is electric and acts like rocket fuel for everything”

Chris Saad – Uber

“A leading voice on technology and innovation”

Simon Woodroffe – Yo!
Case Studies
  • Marketing Machine advised the Executive Office of The President of the United States of America on the roll-out of the 3rd generation of UTMS digital mobile technology, and vulnerabilities and cyber-security threats related to mobile technology expansion.

  • Back in 2001, Marketing Machine imagined what the future of dating would be via mobile tech. U-Date was the first online dating platform. Through Match.com’s acquisition, they utilized the tech, which enabled the company to bring dating to the mobile world.

  • Marketing Machine designed and built the technology for the first e-commerce search engine, WaySearch in 1999, raising over thirty million in venture capital. The technology was eventually acquired by Oracle, where it was re-named “Pulsar”.

  • Marketing Machine built the online P2P platform, Friends Abroad, connecting people across the world who wanted to learn & teach languages. This was done at a time when language tech was still a new field. This networking technology was later acquired and incorporated into Babbel.

  • Marketing Machine built two ground-breaking technologies that were later acquired by Stamps. Marketing Machine not only developed the tech, it orchestrated marketing, acquired the initial client-base, and subsequently grew the business. The Marketing Machine team continues development for Stamps’ ShipStation product.

  • Marketing Machine, at the express request of the U.K. Ministry of Defense, used the latest technological breakthroughs to provide threat assessments and consulting for England’s cyber-security.

  • Marketing Machine worked with Microsoft teams in Europe to develop cloud-computing technology and advise executives on the continent’s allocation of resources and the future of innovation, fueling expansion and cloud-computing technology rollout across Europe.

  • Marketing Machine, worked with Orange Telecomm software/hardware engineering teams to develop the first mobile technology enabling video to be shown on a cell phone (Nokia) in 2002. Twenty years later, every device on the market employs this software.

  • Party City came to Marketing Machine with the problem streamlining its multi-billion dollar sensitive goods logistics operation. Using Marketing Machine developed technology, the result was the automation of shipping management from point-of-sale to final delivery—while dependably getting the sensitive products to customers on time.

  • Marketing Machine, in partnership with Zuckerberg Media and NBC Universal developed the medical tech platform, Ignite. The development and growth of the startup was filmed and featured on the Bravo show, Start-Up Silicon Valley.

  • Marketing Machine developed groundbreaking residential and commercial solar technology, Freetricity. Backed by Aviva Investors, they were able to bring clean energy to hundreds of thousands of homes.

  • Marketing Machine was brought in as expert advisors and consultants for British Telecomm to help strategize and calculate the economic repercussions of broadband roll-out in the United Kingdom during the early 2000’s.

  • During Covid-19, Marketing Machine helped develop the innovative charity initiative, OpenKitchens, so that struggling restaurants in the U.K. could remain open while providing food to at risk communities. Hundreds of restaurants were kept afloat, and hundreds of thousands of meals delivered to impoverished families—an achievement featured in The Guardian, iTV, and Sky News.