Roughly 8 in 10 mobile devices feature one form of AI or another.  It’s no surprise, then, that investment in AI ventures has grown 6-fold in the past two decades.  AI startups grew in size by more than tenfold in the past decade; and will only accelerate in the near future.  Within the next few years, the global AI market is expected to be almost $60 billion (in the year 2016 it was only $1.4 billion).  Such technology is often used in unison with cloud-computing.  Notably, Microsoft’s cloud platform, “Azure” helps businesses attract customers to the platform, and–the hope is–to adopt it.

Personalized content–whether blogs, videos, or articles–is what people have come to expect.  AI-powered tools enable an online business to furnish visitors with certain content that is tailored to their interests.  This drastically increases the likelihood that they will buy what is being offered.  A system equipped with AI is able to suggest the best choices for content based on users’ pattern of online profile.  Demand for enhanced experiences and customized content continues to grow; which means that expectations are higher than ever.  AI is the best way to keep UX up to snuff.  Failing to incorporate the latest AI technology into one’s repertoire is to risk getting left behind in a quickly changing world.