To super-charge online marketing, it is necessary to harness the power of AI technology, the world.  This fact has transformed the digital landscape, as online businesses are now able to handle the development, deployment, and scaling of targeted marketing campaigns.  Best of all, it is able to automate the entire process, thus streamlining what used to be a costly, time-consuming, and cumbersome ordeal for even the best marketing teams.  The aim of MarketingMachine.AI is to apply elegant software solutions at scale, saving both time and money…while yielding superior results.

It’s worth recalling the vast array of the functions that can be carried out by AI chatbots.  Bots can drastically reduce the costs of interaction—performing highly complex calculations very quickly, and thus tailoring responses as needed.  Automation is the future in all areas of online commerce: web design, CRM, SEO, lead generation, and—most of all—marketing.  AI chatbots use NLP to personalize each interaction, improving engagement, thereby maximizing conversions.  Features like data tracking, personalized social media deployments, and predictive analytics make the targeted marketing campaigns possible, all while boosting engagement via enhanced UX.