AI is ideal for undertaking predictive modeling.  The secret to any business is predicting the behavior of target customers: what do they (not) like, what will make them want to buy, or what will cause them to lose interest.  “Predictive analytics” are only the beginning.  AI can perform many useful functions for any online business–including automation of targeted e-mailing, data tracking, and micro-targeted social media marketing.

UX is also improved by AI technology.  Consumers want companies to pay attention to what they do online; and thereby add convenience to the online shopping process.  AI allows you to create personalized experiences that appeal to prospective customers.  Such DYNAMIC UX are found in all the most successful online businesses.  The examples are endless.  Amazon uses AI to provide suggestions based on your shopping history.  Alibaba uses AI to optimize the presentation of “digital storefronts”; as well as to make product recommendations.  Those who are pioneering the use of machine learning to conduct outreach across all available social media platforms will stay ahead of the curve.  In this dynamic, evolving online ecosystem, marketing strategies must adapt to changing market conditions, responding to developments as they arise.

Users now expect to be catered to.  As a consequence, personalization is now crucial to customer success.  AI is the best way to make that happen, as it has the capability to custom tailor engagement as needed.  AI-based personalization engines can recognize customer intent…and thereby predict what will work and what won’t.  It is no surprise, then, that organizations that have a personalization strategy often exceed revenue goals.  Hyper-targeting is the name of the game, and those who fail to use an AI-powered platform risk being left behind.  As it is a trailblazer in this industry, MarketingMachine.AI is best equipped to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing data landscape in which online businesses are forced to exist.