More than 80% of mobile devices make use of some sort of AI technology.  Personalized content–whether blogs, videos, or articles–is what people have come to expect.  By availing itself of the latest AI technology, an online business can deploy hyper-targeted campaigns in a timely fashion.  A system equipped with AI is able to suggest the best choices for content based on users’ pattern of online profile.  When it comes to deploying well-crafted campaigns across social media channels, the idea is to catch people in a timely manner to instigate impromptu purchasing decisions; capitalizing on the penchant for impulse buying.

An AI-powered platform can manage the dissemination of special deals, customized e-mail campaigns, and personalized product suggestions.  When an AI platform automates this process, it expedites the transition of prospects to buyers in the sales funnel.  At the end of the day, the aim is to increase lead retention rates.  And AI-powered analytics ensures that retailers can respond to new developments quickly and effectively.
As the demand for personalized customized content continues to grow, AI-powered marketing will be there to rise to the occasion.  Failing to make full use of the latest AI technology is to risk getting left behind in a perpetually evolving digital marketplace.