When it comes to time management, companies can save time…by not wasting time on dead ends.  By availing themselves of AI, marketers will not squander valuable time soliciting top-of-the-funnel leads that show little promise.  They can be apprised of such exigencies when the AI’s predictive analytics suggest that such prospects are not yet ready to buy, or that their demonstrated budget is lower than the minimum pricing.  Automating this process saves both time and money.

AI technology can be used to help marketing teams parse historical chat logs; and procure useful insights.  This can be accomplished by culling the available data in an intelligent way.  AI enables a business to automate this process—thus freeing up sales and support personnel to focus on more promising leads.  Personnel can then allocate their time and energy in a more effective way.

AI bots can spend time attending to less qualified leads, doing the time-consuming leg-work faster than even the largest staff of marketing experts.  AI can be used to automate and improve CRM by analyzing customer data.  Insights gleaned from this process can be used to personalize UX and thereby improve both visitor engagement and customer / client satisfaction.  The AI can even prevent users from abandoning your website by deploying a well-timed “hook” (requesting feedback and sharing special deals) whenever there is a “trigger event” (e.g. cart abandonment or unsubscribing).  AI is not just about replicating intelligence, but a significant part of its construct is to carry out tasks better than humans…in less time and at a lower price.