AI is becoming integral to several aspects of business management, PR, marketing, and sales.  AI-powered chatbots will help online businesses save billions of dollars in operating / marketing costs.  This will have a formidable impact on the way users interact with websites.  AI-based apps have already redefined what it means to communicate, producing human-like answers by rendering obsolete the need for pre-programmed conversational pathways.

Today’s chatbots are based on NLP (natural language processing) technology that is capable of generating meaningful conversations–from Siri and Alexa.  With recent leaps in technology, AI has become mainstream in the burgeoning on-line ecosystem.

Chatbots are now a fixture of almost every website or mobile application.  With advanced AI algorithms, such technology is bridging the gap between human cognition and machine automation.  Now almost 90% of customer interactions are handled by AI chatbots; though not all by AI technology as sophisticated as is offered by MarketingMachine.AI.

Another example is Drift–a system that is equipped with AI-powered chatbots to help businesses use conversations to streamline the buying process across all channels—including chat and email.  It uses machine learning to glean insights from conversations happening on the site between consumers and human reps.  That information enables the bot to answer questions going forward.  It is also able to “learn” what a good lead looks like, and generate leads from visits—sifting through the traffic to identify the most viable prospects and find the most fruitful connections in the vast social media ecosystem.  Chatbots are another reminder of how AI will lead front-end tech into the future.