AI technology can be used to automate and improve CRM. The AI can then use insights to personalize UX, and improve both visitor engagement and customer / client satisfaction. The AI can even prevent users from abandoning your website by deploying a well-timed “hook” (requesting feedback and sharing special deals) whenever there is a “trigger event” (e.g. cart abandonment or unsubscribing). A wide array of the functions that can be carried out by AI-powered chatbots. Such bots have become an integral part of CRM–especially when it comes to e-mail tracking and managing qualified leads. Chatbots can answer simple questions and link to virtually any page. They can tell when to hand over a conversation to a human on live chat. AI-driven bots use NLP (natural language processing) technology capable of generating meaningful conversations.

AI platforms can run different messaging channels independently. The AI prompts customers for more clarity and ask for human assistance–as needed. It might even provide recommendations for conversation styles. By asking a set of pre-programmed questions, a chatbot can determine whether or not a prospect is interested, thus passing only the best targets on to sales agents. This prevents staff from squandering time on unlikely shoppers. Moreover, AI enables a company to respond to developing market trends; and deliver targeted offers to the right audiences at the right time.