The field of website design has also been profoundly influenced by major advances in AI technology.  Various AI-powered tools have been created that use machine-learning to carry out highly-sophisticated web development—enabling companies to create captivating sites faster; and do so at a much lower cost.  Such tools are now surpassing the functions of even the most skilled professionals.

When undertaking digital projects, the key to leverage the prodigious power of AI without sacrificing the “human touch”.  AI now plays an integral role in improving UX.  Designers are now able to do front-end work that offers a richer experience for each user.  This involves  cutting-edge design tools that create front-end code tailored to fit the specific needs of any given website; and responding to market trends as the occasion warrants.

AI enables a designer to create an interface that is far more engaging and responsive; while augmenting functionality.  Such technology has thus changed the face of modern web design; and in the process, established new precedents for human-machine interaction.  AI can modulate the overall content of the web design, from copy and images to animation and other graphical information.

“Conversational” AI-powered chatbots can be used for automated query resolution; as well as the elimination of redundant tasks.  Such bots can learn from every new interaction to continually improve their performance; and even answer multiple user queries at a time without getting fatigued.

They are capable of performing such tasks by employing NLP (natural language processing) to answer questions; and even initiate conversations with customers to guide them around a site (or suggest items for up-selling based on whatever social media activity has been tracked).  One of the strongest benefits of AI for website building is the ability to adapt functions to fluctuations in users’ needs–all the while keeping track of what’s working; and what needs to be improved based on below-par metrics of performance (sales conversation, CTR, etc.)  AI will continue to take an important role in website development.