AI is becoming integral to targeted marketing campaigns, web development, and voice search optimization.  Since most potential customers use their mobile devices more than their desktop computers, websites are forced to optimize across all platforms if they want global access to target customers.  To be expedient and thorough, this process must be automated.  And AI technology is the only way to accomplish this formidable task.  AI chatbots have become a fixture in most online activity, as they can be used for targeted campaigns and customized outreach.  Engagement can be tailored to each target customer based on their history of online behavior and key features of their online profile.  AI technology is best suited to perform this task, as it closes this gap with a revolutionary new kind of UI—namely: one driven by conversation instead of touching or clicking.

The latest chatbots now use sophisticated NLP (natural language processing) systems to create meaningful conversations with visitors.  It is, of course, AI technology that enables avatars to do far more than merely follow a generic path.  A variety of AI-driven analytic tools help web developers obtain vital information on how their designs work; and can do so in real-time.  Chatbots can also track KPIs (key performance indicators).  And AI can be used to maximize conversions—persuading target customers to make a purchase.

Consequently, AI is supplanting long-standing iterative design practices such as A/B tests…which used to be the primary method to improve site design.  The idea with A/B testing was to check efficacy of candidate designs by evaluating results.  Such an undertaking is precisely the sort of thing at which AI excels.  This is due to the fact that such testing is a function of analytic and pattern-finding capabilities.  This is where AI makes a pivotal difference.