The role of AI in online business is not to replace people; it’s to make professional staff more effective at what they are doing.  AI helps deliver the right content to the right people at the right time; and do so through the right channels.  This means being able to suggest next-best actions, recommending targeted email responses; and taking care of basic customer responses / inquiries.  A platform equipped with AI technology can classify and route customer service cases, thereby saving staff time and energy attending to tedious tasks.  And by using predictive analytics, it can help online businesses make better marketing decisions.

AI technology is now not only the backbone of predictive analytics, it can attend to tasks that–until recently–were the province of humans (graphic design, branding decisions, marketing strategies, customer service, etc.)  Amazon and Netflix use AI-powered recommendation engines to offer products / content that any given person might like.  Such predictive power surpasses that of even a large team of humans working long hours.  An AI can scour and analyze massive datasets.  This isn’t about just crunching numbers; AI is able to glean helpful insights from available data-sets.  Those insights can then be used to make predictions and recommendations about which marketing strategies are likely to be the most successful.

AI makes it possible to combine the reach of chatbots with the incredible capabilities of NLP (natural language processing).  An AI-powered system can learn a comprehensive range of vocabulary, tone, and contexts, offering a rich conversational experience to users; and even personalize outreach; thereby capturing—and KEEPING—the attention of prospects.  This is about offering the kind of personalized attention that online consumers have come to expect.  And it is actually even more efficient than humans at micro-targeting: making highly complex calculations and parsing massive data-sets to discern hidden patterns that might be useful, then tailoring content accordingly.