In today’s highly competitive online environment, companies need to deal with more and more information in an expedient way if they want to stay ahead.  The pivotal role of machine learning in website design is becoming more apparent with the increasing demands of the marketplace.  Those doing business online need to be capable of creating new website designs to keep up with the latest market trends.  AI technology can be used to stay updated and remain competitive.  An AI-platform is able to quickly collect information on website analytics, user-base, and product / service offerings.  Once the data is parsed, the AI can take instructions from humans on stylistic preferences to create targeted marketing campaigns, each of which is optimized for any set of conditions.  Such a system can use micro-targeting to connect with the right customers at the right time through Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and other IM apps.

When formulating a marketing strategy, AI tools offer sophisticated analytics and real-time insights.  This includes predictive analytics, enabling them to identify thematic flash-points while assessing browsing trends and customer preferences.  AI / bot integration creates virtual agents that take care of online chat and messaging.  On-demand and multi-channel engagement enables a company to create content that is tailored to each visitor’s interests.  Moreover, automating time-consuming, mundane tasks with AI frees up humans to attend to tasks that require more creativity and discernment.