When it comes to online marketing, AI technology is making a key difference.  An AI platform enables a company to track consumer behavior so that it can assess the results of each campaign, determine what works (and what doesn’t), and hone in on the most probable buyers for each promotion.  Whichever social media channel a consumer happens to be using, the system ensures that retailers can engage them by targeting them in the best manner, at the most opportune moments.  AI uses consumer data (social media posts, shopping history, trends in online activity) to isolate the characteristics of past successful sales, vital information that can be used to predict behavior and target customers.

AI is able to parse massive amounts of information, ascertaining which offers translate to revenue and which don’t.  So marketing teams no longer need to squander valuable time on failed strategies.  By using the latest in AI technology, MarketingMachine.AI is revolutionizing the industry by making the process of designing targeted campaigns easier and more cost-effective.