Marketing teams are now looking to use fully-integrated platforms, which enable them to manage each phase of the marketing process in a single place—from media planning and highly-refined data management to the deployment of micro-targeted marketing campaigns.  By availing themselves of the latest AI technology, each step of the marketing process is smarter and more effective.  This includes the use of adaptive learning technology, which enables marketers to instantly act on changes in audience behavior to improve marketing relevance and results.  AI tools enable businesses to better optimize campaigns—from media allocation to creative versioning–by tailoring each campaign to each segment, using predictive modeling to ascertain which strategy will work best at any given time.

Using AI-powered analytics, the cloud is constantly evaluating the success of each marketing strategy, making adjustments in real-time.  Moreover, the cloud provides access to a universe of consumer data.  The marriage of AI and cloud-computing tech enable marketers to understand customers at a level no one else can match.  This includes profiling, custom segmentation, predictive modeling, message sequencing, as well as deployment across all platforms and social media channels.  Such platforms can provide businesses with real-time view into consumer intent and purchase metrics.  This is a reminder that AI is a game-changer when it comes to online marketing; and that those who use the best technology will come out on top.