Half of traffic generated online comes from online video, so YouTube is the most powerful channel when it comes to growing a network of like-minded people (audiences who share a given set of interests / tastes).  AI may be the best way to manage this process, as it is able to scour massive data-sets very quickly, parsing the information and discerning patterns within all the noise.  AI can then perform predictive modeling to see which segments are most likely to be responsive to any given marketing campaign.  After all, the point is to get in front of users who may have interacted with similar things in the past.  This is based on user profiles, shopping history, and activity on social media channels.

In today’s highly-competitive online ecosystem, canned pitches that follow a template just won’t cut it.  It is now necessary to create personalized messages–luring and retaining customers by addressing specific needs.  AI technology takes the guesswork out of targeting and optimization, saving marketing teams time and money by making calculations at lightning speeds.