Initially, chatbots were based on little more than simple pre-programmed conversation paths (that is: stock phrases), which severely limited the scope of their usefulness. AI chatbots use NLP (natural language processing) to create meaningful, organic conversations with visitors. Many searches are now done by voice recognition; and voice search is now based on NLP—a technology that is now available on most mobile devices. So anyone seeking to stay ahead of the curve is forced to re-envision how to assert a bold digital presence, identify prospects, vet leads, and connect with target customers. Creating new content around search results is one thing; but AI can optimize existing content. AI tools can even recommend where to place appropriate images. This is an illustration that such tech is indispensable for outreach for large-scale, targeted campaigns.

AI is now required if one wants to provide visitors with premium UX. It also saves time and money. Automating a system unburdens staff, saving both time and money. This includes the automation of basic customer interaction. When a website avails itself of an AI-equipped chatbot, customers can be furnished with vital information whenever they need it, without any human intervention. During the course of a conversation, a system capable of NLP can perform a seamless handoff from bots to human agents. Transitions to a human are made as the need arises, ensuring only issues requiring a human touch are routed to staff. This ensures their time is freed up for other, more important tasks. Mundane / routine tasks are relegated to the AI.

Visitors are always given the option of talking with a (real) customer service representative in the event that the AI is unable to resolve a problem or adequately address a query. The AI can even be trained to alert a human sales rep when necessary, who can close the deal based on certain triggers. Most people now use mobile devices to engage in commerce. Consequently, websites must optimize across all platforms (and across all social media channels) IN REAL TIME if they want access to target customers; and do so in a cost-effective way. Only AI technology is capable of rising to the occasion.