Revolutionary new marketing strategies are made possible by leveraging the prodigious power of AI technology. AI technology enables online businesses to create dynamic content (e.g. targeted landing pages) and personalized user experiences (a.k.a. dynamic UX) based on consumer profiles: online activity and social media habits. Such capabilities include targeted e-mailing, data tracking, and micro-targeted social media marketing. All this entails easier shopping for things that have been tailored to each customer’s tastes and desires; thereby bolstering UX, and thus user retention rates. The AI is even able to provide suggestions based on their shopping history–as demonstrated most famously by Amazon’s AI mechanism. AI-based personalization engines can recognize customer intent…and thereby predict what will work and what won’t.

AI is now a substantial component of asserting a digital presence, and indispensable when it comes to formulating optimal content strategies. Innovative sales methods like ABM (account-based marketing) are also gaining in popularity as technology makes the process of vetting potential customers far easier. The system uses micro-targeting to connect with the right customers at the right time across all media channels. Such engagement enables a company to craft content tailored to each user’s interests, then automate the process.

Automation furnishes businesses with quick solutions to complex problems—arduous tasks that used to consume lots of man-hours. AI technology makes predictive modeling possible—anticipating the behavior of target customers. Companies that have a personalization strategy often exceed revenue goals. These advantages mean that AI-based marketing is now imperative.