AI-powered systems can actually help generate more leads from the traffic already coming to a website.  Using AI for lead generation maximizes efficacy—augmenting the scope of outreach while the minimizing cost of each campaign.  When lead gen technology is enhanced by AI, the possibilities are endless.  This starts with discerning patterns in consumer activity; and thereby predicting how they’ll behave in the future.

The aim of such predictive modeling is to better generate, qualify, and convert leads.  AI excels at extracting insights about each prospective customer from reams of marketing and sales data.  Some AI-powered tools use that data to tell you more about your prospects and customers.  Others use it to find new prospects or recommend which existing leads to pursue next.  Here, the idea is to leverage the power of AI technology to enrich a company’s predictive models, extracting crucial insights from large datasets.  The result is better predictions about consumer behavior.

This is about more than just getting more leads and getting them faster. But AI can help companies improve the quality of this pipeline in new ways.  AI takes the onerous leg-work out of sifting through massive troves of data—a time-consuming and tedious process.  Such parsing is arduous and imperfect when performed by humans.  The latest AI technology addresses this, and may offer a panacea for finding AND ENGAGING viable leads.