When it comes to deploying hyper-targeted campaigns with chat-bots, AI enables automated, natural-sounding conversations.  Such dialogue can be fabricated based on each target’s needs, and tailored to suit their tastes (as demonstrated on social media activity and other online behavior).  An AI-platform can do this by using a decision tree that maintains an organic conversation flow.  AI-powered chatbots are typically equipped with the latest in NLP (natural language processing), enabling them to simulate dynamic and natural interactions at scale; and to do so as the need arises.

AI-powered bots can be pre-trained with stock phrases and formulaic answers for thousands of possible queries.  But they are best at figuring out the best phrasing on the fly.  Crucial to the process is a way to track conversations, assess results, and thereby determine what next best action might be.  The idea is to make automated conversions seem more natural; which requires NLU (natural language understanding), a capacity made possible by AI.  Conversational AI chatbot tools can deliver personalized messaging across platforms, so that targeted marketing campaigns can operate in real time, being deployed to the right people at the right time.