AI acts as a marketing team force-multiplier.  It is capable of sifting through massive datasets.  It can then expediently collate the information, lead score it, and craft content accordingly.  Machine learning can furnish a business with vital customer insights, as well as accelerate a customer’s decision-making process.  This includes AI-based CRM.  AI enables a business to keep tabs on where each customer is within the sales funnel.  This allows marketing teams to determine which strategies to use, as well as when and where to use them.

When one is operating on today’s perpetually fluctuating digital landscape, it is imperative to engage an audience with content that is specific to types of users rather than a pool of leads as a whole.  Such smart systems excel at micro-targeting leads so as to ascertain whether or not pitches are aligned with the people most likely to buy.  AI is capable of making highly-complex calculations after culling relevant information about people’s online behavior—including demographic profiles, social media activity, and shopping history.

A demonstration of the prodigious power of AI is Amazon, which accounts for a third of its revenue with highly targeted cross-sells and up-sells.  The automation of such account-based marketing (ABM) requires the use of AI technology.  This is a reminder that AI technology allows one to hone in on the right people at the right time with the right pitch.  Instead of relying on generic e-mails to do the job, businesses need to implement personalization to get leads to convert.