If online companies want to stay ahead of the curve, they are forced to deal with massive amounts of information in an expedient way. AI technology enables them to do this. What makes the key difference is that AI is able to sift through massive data-sets, and discern patterns that even the most perceptive humans would miss. It can then use these insights to provide important insights about who to target—as well as when, where, and how.

An AI-powered system can furnish marketing teams with recommendations to optimize the allocation of resources across different channels. This makes micro-targeting possible: optimizing each page so that it attracts the most traffic. An AI platform can even provide reports on how various SEO strategies impact the brand’s online visibility.

An AI-powered platform can then create targeted marketing campaigns, each of which is optimized for any set of conditions. Multi-channel engagement ensures that one offers content that is tailored to visitors’ interests. AI-powered marketing is now more important than ever in the highly competitive online ecosystem.