It has become vital that online businesses use AI for CRM.  As technology has changed, so has the marketing world.  AI-powered CRM tools use automated chat to re-route mundane / redundant queries.  The idea is to free up human agents to deal with novel problems without compromising workflow or customer satisfaction.  AI chatbots help websites offer optimized UX.  The process can be automated by using AI technology to facilitate customer interaction across different channels.  Using NLP technology, chatbots enable a platform to attend to customer interactions through natural conversation.  In the event human intervention is needed, the AI platform connects customers with agents.

The idea is to automate time-consuming tasks while maintaining quality UX.  and to ensure that conversations flow between users and customer support agents.  In addition, one is able to collect information from users via the chatbot conversations.  This involves building a contact-base for Facebook messenger to send messages as the occasion warrants.  AI chatbots are ideal for engaging customers across social media platforms—from initial contact to answering queries.  It can also be used to gather user info by posing questions and validating answers.