AI technology is ideal for the kind of dynamic micro-targeting that is vital for maximizing engagement week over week.  Personalization yields higher conversion rates.  Only the best machine-learning technology is capable of autonomous targeting and cross channel execution.  Using analytics, an AI platform can advise when and where to engage with target customers, monitoring market developments to see how best to respond.  Highly sophisticated systems like MarketingMachine.AI can be used to automate time-consuming tasks, freeing up personnel to attend to eminently human tasks—that which requires a human touch.

An AI-powered conversation navigator can avail itself of NLP (natural language processing).  This gives the system the ability to determine how to conduct conversations based on factors like user profiles (discernible patterns in online histories), context, and even (inferred) user intent.  This capability is known as “relationship memory”; and requires the kind of high-end calculations of which only AI is capable.

Targeted email campaigns, content personalization / video marketing, and savvy CRM are all important.  The catch is that AI can take care of ALL of these things, and–most importantly–AUTOMATE them.  The key is to execute them effectively and in a timely manner, at minimal cost.  To this end, Artificial intelligence is superior to even an experienced marketing team working round the clock.  With marketing tools equipped with AI technology, a sales team can both monitor results and glean vital insights as to what may improve performance in the future.